Burst of new shopping mode in Linyi: live-stream e-commerce

This year's double-11 shopping festival actually started in late October, earlier than ever. 13 livestreaming bases in Lanshan district, Linyi city witnessed the burst of the new mode of e-commerce: live-stream e-commerce.

Single-handedly selling 100 million yuan worth of products during this year's double-11 shopping festival , Xu Xiaomi became the first e-commerce livestreaming anchor to make a breakthrough in sales achievement of 100 million yuan in Linyi.

Trade volume of Linyi Trade City has reached 34 billion yuan since the start of 2020, making Linyi able to stay with two leading cities Hangzhou and Guangzhou for their outstanding results in live-stream e-commerce. For reference , Linyi's gross merchandise volume of live-stream e-commerce totalled over 10 billion yuan in 2019.