Yimeng Mountains' fast track to success

Yimeng Mountains' fast track to success - Chinadaily.com.cn

A Linyi-based embroidery craftswoman, showcases her skills on a high-speed train.

The Yimeng Mountains, an old revolutionary base in Linyi City, East China's Shandong province, has bid farewell to poverty and taken on a new lease of life thanks to the opening of a high-speed railway about a year ago. On Nov 26, 2019, a rail line entered operation in Shandong, bringing the Yimeng Mountains, which are now administered by the city of Linyi, into the country's fast-developing high-speed rail network for the first time.

The newly launched section, which links the province's cities of Rizhao and Qufu, stretches for 235 kilometers and includes eight stations, such as Linyi and Mengshan, home to the Yimeng revolutionary base.

Among those benefiting is 36-year-old Bian Chengfei, a Linyibased embroidery craftswoman and an inheritor of the area's intangible cultural heritage. She travels to dozens of cities across the country each year to exchange ideas with her counterparts, all thanks to the high-speed rail service.