Overview of  Logistics Development in Linyi



Linyi's Logistics Radiates Its Profound Influence Throught China

The logistics in Linyi has radiated throughout the nation. There are about 21 well-known, modern logistics parks of large scale and 1,800 logistics enterprises of all levels with more than 14,600 people, among which 8 enterprises have been granted A-level qualification. Linyi’s logistics excels in the following aspects: for one thing, the easy flow of goods. This means goods receiving, distribution and delivery can be finished one day; secondly, the low logistics cost. The logistics price in Linyi is below 20% -30% of the national average price; thirdly, wide radiation range. There are more than 2,000 domestic loading lines in Linyi, covering 1,800 outlets at or above the county level, leading to almost all the national ports.